New Students

Welcome New Students!

We are so glad you’ve taken the first step towards your health and fitness goals.

New students please take advantage of our introductory offer;

THE INTRO SPECIAL!! 1 week of unlimited yoga for only $25

Beginners class & beginners package

Beginners class

During each of our beginners classes you will be guided through an unheated, slow paced Bikram yoga class, focusing on just the basics!

Beginners Class every Saturday @Noon

Doors open @11:30am. Please arrive 15-20 mins early!

COST – $25


Includes 3 x Private lessons along with a Monthly Unlimited Membership.

If you are new to yoga this is a great way to get started! The beginners package allows you to work one – on – one with our most experienced instructors. They will help guide you along your yoga journey.


COST – $399

Some tips for your first class…

  • Hydrate well before class, it’s good to go into class prepared
  • Try not to eat a big meal at least 2 hrs before class – It’s best not to workout on a full stomach so try not to eat a full meal just before practice.
  • Its best to wear dry-wick clothes to the class, cotton is not recommended. For women, capris and a tank top, for men shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Some people wear slightly less, some wear slightly more, whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • It’s good to arrive about 20 minutes before the class starts, especially for your first class. You will need to sign a waiver, it will also give you some time to chat with the teacher and get settled in before the class starts.


Bring a yoga mat, a large towel and a bottle of water, you can also rent or purchase these items at the studio…now you are ready to go!

We look forward to meeting you!!