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Please check our schedule for online classes.

To take online classes please follow these steps –

1Download the Zoom App

2 – Sign up for class using the Mindbody App.

If you have a current membership or class pass with us, you already have an account on Mindbody.

Just reset your password using the email you have with us, that way you can access your account.

3 – Check your email 15 mins before class starts, we will send you a link to sign into class on Zoom.

Hope to see you online soon!

Waverley Yoga has been serving the Waltham, Belmont and surrounding community for over a decade!

We offer yoga classes suitable for EVERYONE, all ages and abilities.

Everyone is welcome!


We offer Three Styles of Yoga

Yin Yoga

Room Temp / Warm

Yin Yoga is essentially a 
deep stretching class. 
It is suitable for all levels, 
If you feel stiff, achey and simply want a good stretch, this is the class for you!

Bikram Yoga

105 degrees 40% humidity

You will get everything you need in this class!
You will work your entire body inside out and top to bottom,
it’s a great way to detoxify and de-stress.
Bikram Yoga is also GREAT for burning calories, building strength and healing joints.

The sequence is the same each class.

Vinyasa Yoga

80 degrees

Vinyasa yoga is a traditional and popular style of yoga, the sequence is different each class, it includes Sun Salutations, a variety of upper and lower body strengthening and core strengthening work.  
This is well balanced class, good for your mind and body!

I’m a Beginner which class should I start with?

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